Firm Vision

We realize that the work we do and the research we perform is important.  People and businesses are impacted in a big way by the outcomes of our analyses.  So we take it seriously.  We feel honored to have developed research interest and abilities that allow us to assist the courts, business entities, and individuals resolve conflicts that are important to them.

We strive to have our analyses be reliable, supported by science, thorough, and understandable to the court and other stake holders.

We strive to professionally be on top of our field.  We strive to be leaders in the areas of research.  We strive to be up on the relevant research and developments that impact our work.

We strive to work with clients that are very engaged in the project, that are invested deeply in the projects that they hire us to perform on their behalf,  and that provide us with the resources we need to perform our research.

We strive to work on projects that are important to our clients and the stakeholders. Important does not necessarily mean big; it just means that the case is important and our analysis is important of resolving the issue.

As a firm, we strive to provide a workplace that is balanced. One that allows for our employees to balance their work and life.  We strive to create a workplace that allows them to grow both as professionals and as people.

We strive to value different opinions and the benefits that a diverse workforce provides.  We build our research on the unique experiences, expertise, and talents that a diverse workforce offers.