Credit cards and debit cards are the way of the world now; it is how we pay for nearly everything we buy now.

One question that comes up for retail businesses is: Does the type of credit card tell us anything about the customer?

For example, do AMEX users tend to be bigger spenders?  The answer of course depends on the business.  The table below shows the average sale and percentage of monthly sales made by customers of a small restaurant broken down by the type of credit/debit card used.


Average Amount of Sale Percentage of Monthly Sales
AMEX  $                    21.88 3%
VISA  $                    19.46 73%
MC  $                    21.00 22%
DISCOVER  $                    22.19 2%

For this business VISA is king. Moreover there is little difference in the size of the average bill of the different types of credit/debit card users.