This case involves the plaintiff’s termination from KPRC-TV as an audio engineer. He alleges he has incurred back and front pay wage losses resulting from the cessation of his employment. Dr. Dwight Steward was retained in this case to conduct an economic analysis as well as review the opposing economic expert’s report. In his report Dr. Steward expresses his opinion that the plaintiff’s job search have been inadequate that he is substantially underemployed since the termination and that if damages are relevant the plaintiff’s economic expert significantly overstates them. Dr. Steward’s review of the opposing expert report found it is based on unsupported earnings and work life expectancy assumptions. In his independent analysis of the economic losses in this case Dr. Steward concluded that while there are likely no future earnings and that any past damages would have only been applicable during the 23.4 weeks until he would be expected according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics to have found similar employment.