In this project Dr. Steward was retained as defense statistical experts in a class action racial discrimination lawsuit to analyze the class-wide allegations of discrimination in pay and the promotion process of Marathon Oil. Dr. Steward was also asked to rebut the plaintiff’s statistical expert’s report that purports to find a statistically significant difference between the pay and promotion rates of African-American and White employees at the company. Using the company’s personnel database Dr. Steward both replicated the opposing expert’s statistical report and prepared our analysis of Marathon’s pay and promotion processes. After replicating the plaintiff expert’s report Dr. Steward found that the statistical models relied upon by the opposing expert were completely defective. In a number of instances the plaintiffs’ expert’s salary and promotion model ultimately made predictions about the company’s pay and promotion practices that were nonsensical and unsupported by the company’s personnel data. After the defects in the opposing expert’s model were accounted for the purported salary and promotion disparities were neither statistically significant nor economically meaningful. Using a series of graphs and figures Dr. Steward relayed his opinions concerning the plaintiffs’ statistical evidence to the court at the class certification hearing. Dr. Steward’s statistical analyses revealed that there was no statistical significant difference between the pay earned by African-American employees and similarly situated White employees at the company. Moreover African-American employees actually earned job promotions at a statistically higher rate and faster than similarly situated White employees.