In this project the defense counsel retained Dr. Steward as statistical and economic experts to provide a critique and rebuttal to the plaintiff’s expert’s statistical and economic expert reports in a multi-plaintiff employment discrimination lawsuit that involved allegations by African-American employees that because of their race they were paid less than similarly situated White employees. After meeting with company compensation and human resources representatives and assembling a company-wide employee database Dr. Steward replicated the plaintiff’s expert’s analyses and developed statistical models to provide his analysis of the plaintiff’s discrimination allegations. Dr. Steward’s critique of the plaintiff’s expert’s statistical analysis revealed that there was no statistically significant difference in the salary for African-Americans and White employees at the company. Moreover Dr. Steward’s replication and critique of the plaintiff’s expert’s statistical analysis showed that their linear regression models and other statistical analyses were unsound and unreliable. The Court found the plaintiff’s expert’s statistical analysis flawed and inadmissible and granted the defendant’s motion for summary judgment in the case.