Dr. Steward was retained to perform economic analysis in this wrongful termination lawsuit. In this case the plaintiff, was employed by a refinery as a foreman to work on a turnaround project. The plaintiff was required to take a written safety test, he had requested to take the test orally but was declined by defendant. Plaintiff neglected to take the written test, he was then removed from the position. Dr. Steward states that the plaintiff in all likelihood incurred no economic loss as a result of the cessation of employment with defendant. The plaintiff’s earnings in his replacement employment over the time period he would have worked with defendant was comparable to the amount he could have reasonably been expected to earn from working as a foreman for the defendant. The plaintiff’s employment records indicate that he has been and is currently capable of securing a job that pays as much or more than he would have been expected to earn working for the defendant. The wage rates and income that plaintiff actually earned from replacement employment is also comparable, and in fact higher, than that earned by the average experienced foreman in the Oil and Gas industry in the Eastern Texas region during the relevant time period. Plaintiff’s high level of employability further makes it is unlikely that he had incurred any economic loss after working for the defendant.