In this case the plaintiff alleged that the defendant undertook a number of acts that negatively impacted the economic performance of plaintiff after their merger with the partnered company. Dr. Steward provided an analysis of the economic condition of the plaintiff both before and after the merger with the partnered company. The period to period change in revenue is one frequently used measure of economic profitability and performance. In the time period prior to the merger, the plaintiff experienced above average annual revenue increases. Following the merger with partnered company, revenue growth for the plaintiff decreased. Plaintiff experienced decreases in conventional economic profitability and performance measures related to net income and return on assets after the merger. In addition, after the merger, plaintiff experienced over a 100% decline in taxable income. The earnings and revenue forecast shortfall and economic measures of profitability and performance is consistent with the operational problems that were apparent after the merger with the partnered company. The documents in this case as well as plaintiffs economic and financial ratios show that after the merger the plaintiff experienced difficulties with invoicing and accounts receivable, accounts payable, and staff utilization.