In this business damages case, the plaintiffΓÇÖs are suing employees for theft of confidential information, destruction of computer data and solicitation of clients, in addition to breach of contract and fiduciary duties. In this project Dr. Steward calculates a portion of the economic damages that plaintiff has incurred in this case. Plaintiff alleges that the DefendantsΓÇÖ actions have caused plaintiff economic harm. Dr. Steward analyzes four areas of economic damages associated with the DefendantsΓÇÖ alleged actions. First, he analyzed the economic damage to plaintiff business relationships with existing and prospective clients. Second, he calculated the lost time, effort, and resources that were invested by plaintiff in training the departed employees. Third, Dr. Steward calculated the cost incurred by Plaintiff to recruit and hire replacement employees for the vacated job positions at issue in this case. Fourth, I calculate the cost associated with retention payments made to specific Plaintiff employees.