In this project economist and statistician Dr. Dwight Steward was retained to provide an analysis of the wages the firefighters believe are owed to them by the city. The plaintiffs claim the city’s method of compensation for overtime hours caused them a loss of pay for overtime and straight-time pay longevity increases and extra duty and step-up duty assignments. In order to calculate the lost earnings Dr. Steward’s analysis included combining the premium payment (which was to cover overtime hours worked by the firefighters – however it was a flat amount and not based on actual hours worked so it must be included in the calculation of the “regular rate” or the rate used to calculate the overtime pay) made by the city with other compensation calculating the value of overtime and straight-time pay owed to each plaintiff and calculating the number of hours worked by each firefighter minus sick leave and vacation time. In an amended report Dr. Steward updated his analysis of underpaid earnings by calculating an adjusted longevity payment and an adjusted regular rate for each firefighter.