In this employment discrimination lawsuit, the plaintiff alleged that he is owed commissions by Zeus Technology, Inc. and was subjected to a different commission sales plan than other sales persons. Dr. Steward was retained by the defense to perform an analysis of the plaintiffΓÇÖs earnings and commissions. In his analyses, Dr. Steward compared the underlying components in the plaintiffΓÇÖs commission plan to comparator Sales Mangers commission plans. The plaintiffΓÇÖs commission plan was similar, if not identical to, the comparator Sales ManagersΓÇÖ plans. Dr. Steward compared the commissions the plaintiff actually received to the commissions he would have received had he been under the commission plans of the comparator Sales Managers. The analysis showed that had the plaintiff been under the commission plan of the other comparator Sales Mangers, he would have received almost exactly the same commission earnings that he received under his actual commission plan.