At the time of his death the plaintiff was a 45 year old high school graduate who had worked at his last employer for approximately three years. Dr. Dwight Steward was retained to calculate the economic value of lost earnings earnings potential and household services for the deceased. In each year from the time of death to expected retirement age Dr. Steward estimated the projected salary using available financial data occupational information and publicly available labor market data. In his analysis Mr. De Leon’s base projected salary is estimated by the real value of his year 1999 income. Dr. Steward calculated lost household services using labor market data and U.S. government research publications. He calculated the annual expected total income by downwardly adjusting the projected total income by actuarial factors that account for mortality and the likelihood of being active in the workforce. Finally Dr. Steward calculated the present value of the yearly-expected losses by discounting the expected losses by an appropriate interest rate factor.