This case was filed by the plaintiffs who were machine operators at a manufacturing plastics mold company. The employees were hired through various temporary staffing agencies. Through these agencies, Defendant directed Operators to report to work for each of the three 8-hour work shifts by which itΓÇÖs daily production schedule operates. Operators had to report to facility prior to the beginning of each shift to be informed of whether they will be selected to work that shift. The plaintiffs alleged that the Defendant generally does not select all Operators to work each shift, and denied those Operators who are not selected any compensation for their reporting time. The plaintiffs further alleged that the Defendant also had a policy and practice of not compensating Operators the minimum reporting time wages when they are selected to work a shift but are not furnished with at least half the usual or expected number of hours in that shift. In addition, the Plaintiffs also alleged that the Defendant had a policy and practice of systematically shaving (manually deleting) time from the Operators’ records of hours worked, resulting in underpayments of overtime and other wages due.