Dwight Steward and his team were retained to provide a content analysis of the racial profiling policy and a statistical analysis in this case. This included an analysis of the extent to which DART’s Racial Profiling Policy meets the policy requirements established by SB 1074 TCLEOSE and LEMIT. Dr. Steward also produced statistics that describe DART’s police contacts on the light rail lines and bus service in terms of patterns that do not suggest racial profiling of African-Americans. The statistical analysis of the DART police contact data showed consistency with the demographic population surrounding its service areas. First Dr. Steward determined the comparison pool for the DART police contacts using census data. Second he adjusted the comparison pool benchmark accordingly taking into account that the stations in northern Dallas were not open the entire period of the analysis. Dr. Steward also utilized racial reports and underlying racial profiling data contained in DART annual reports to compare the racial composition of DART’s police contacts to the racial composition of the population of DART’s service areas. This included data on bus riders in the suburban member cities light train rail riders and Trinity Railway Express riders.