In this case the plaintiff was injured in an auto accident and is no longer able to work. In addition to the plaintiff’s earnings from her job, the plaintiff also cared for her family. Taking into account that she provided household services such as cleaning, shopping, household maintenance and caring for a disabled son, this had to be factored into the loss of earnings. To calculate the loss of earnings, Dr. Steward used four scenarios. Each scenario takes into consideration how long the plaintiff would have worked, if uninjured in Mexico for the remainder of her working life, and/or the U.S. or a combination of working in both countries. In reviewing her personnel records, Dr. Steward determined the earnings which included an increased rate for inflation. In addition to her pay, the plaintiff also had health benefits which were taken into account. The health benefits are based on the average employer cost of providing these benefits to employee in the private sector according to the United States Bureau of Labor statistics Costs for Employee Compensation data. To calculate household services, Dr. Steward using the following methodology. First, the amount of time plaintiff would have been expected to spend performing household services is estimated. The amount of time that she would have been expected to spend performing daily household activities is calculated using economic data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Time Use Survey. The loss to her ability to perform household services is calculated through her husband’s life expectancy. Second, the market value of the lost household services is calculated. The market value of the household services is determined by the minimum wage in Mexico. Third, the total value of the plaintiff’s lost household services is calculated by multiplying the number of lost household services hours by the market value of that service. The projected growth rate for household services is based on the historical growth rate of the Mexican minimum wage. . Dr. Steward also included the analysis of the life care plan. The plaintiff will require over her remaining life expectancy. We calculate the present day amount required to fund the life care plan prepared by the plaintiff’s expert.