In this case the OFCCP alleged that the manufacturer discriminated against women who applied to the employer. In the notice of violation (NOV) issued to the company the OFCCP alleged that based on the number of females in the applicant pool that the OFCCP used the employer should have hired substantially more females than they did. Based on the alleged shortfall the OFCCP offered to settle the case for over $1 million dollars. Dr. Steward was asked to help the company respond to the OFCCP’s NOV. In particular it was clear to the company that the OFCCP used an invalid measure of the employer’s applicant flow in its analysis. As the company acknowledged in their responses to the OFCCP’s NOV the applicant data that was used and maintained by the employer was simply too incomplete and unrepresentative to be an accurate measure of the employer’s actual applicant flow. In his analysis Dr. Steward used many different analyses to address the allegations of hiring discrimination including a survey of the workforce. His work revealed that contrary to the OFCCP’s analysis the company’s hiring rate of females was in fact in line with its applicant flow.