Dr. Steward was retained in the case to provide analysis of the economic damages associated with class membersΓÇÖ allegations of overtime premiums, denied meal and rest periods resulting from their misclassification of exempt employees. In this case the plaintiffs were pharmacists employed by Safeway. The plaintiffs alleged that they were misclassified as exempt employees. In order to determine the misclassification, the pay records were examined to determine if the plaintiffs were paid for less than 40 hours during any given week throughout their employment. In regards to overtime premium, Dr. Steward reviewed the data which indicated that the plaintiffs were compensated for a premium on overtime hours. To determine the damages, he first calculated the value of the premium earned by the plaintiffs during each week by multiplying one half their hourly rate times the number of overtime hours worked. Next, he subtracted the premium already paid to the plaintiffs each week from the premium earned. The difference between the overtime premium earned and the overtime premium paid to the plaintiffs is the value of damages. The third allegation was missed meal and rest period damages. There are two economic damages scenarios utilized in the analysis of this allegation. The first scenario, it is assumed that the plaintiffs missed 100% of their required meal and rest periods. The number of violations is multiplied by the amount of lost meal and rest period time and the applicable wage rate. In the second scenario, it is assumed that the plaintiffs missed 75% of the required meal and rest periods.