In this case Dr. Dwight Steward provided an economic analysis of the losses the plaintiff is expected to experiences as a result of the injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident. Prior to the accident Mr. Barnett was an active partner in several real estate development partnerships. As a result of his injuries Mr. Barnett relinquished a portion of his partnership earnings due to his inability to adequately perform his partnership related duties. In his report Dr. Steward calculated the past and future partnership earning losses Mr. Barnett experienced. The plaintiff’s pre-injury income was comprised of distributed partnership profits partnership capital gains and real estate development related fee based income. Following the injury Mr. Barnett relinquished a portion of his partnership income such as commissions from lot sales and profits from land sales to an associate in return for his participation in the operation of the partnership. Dr. Steward calculates the plaintiff’s past economic damages as the difference between the real estate development income he would have realized had he not been injured and the income he did hear since the injury until the date of the report. Dr. Steward calculated the plaintiff’s future economic damages based on the historical amount of real estate development income he relinquished.