In this personal injury case Dr. Steward was asked to perform economic analysis of the plaintiff’s alleged losses. The plaintiff was a Mexico national who was a self-employed dump truck driver and was injured when he was shot returning to Mexico from the U.S. Due to his injuries the plaintiff is no longer able to work. In addition to the calculating plaintiff’s earnings from his job, the plaintiff also cared for his family. Household services are also calculated in my analysis as the plaintiff did provide household activities. Dr. Steward calculated the plaintiff’s pre-injury earnings capacity based on the earnings of self-employed dump truck drivers in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. The earnings of self-employed dump truck drivers are calculated using publically available data from the Mexican Census of Population and Housing. The plaintiff’s earnings capacity is projected through his work life expectancy. In this report, it is assumed that he would have continued to work as a dump truck driver in Mexico through the age of 65 had he not become injured. In addition, plaintiff was no longer able to perform household services for his wife or children. Plaintiff provided many household services for his family above and beyond the normal expected household services such as cooking and household management. The economic loss of the household services that plaintiff provided to his family is calculated using the following methodology. The amount of time that he would have been expected to spend performing daily household activities is calculated using publically available economic data from the Mexican Time Use Survey. Second, the market value of the lost household services is calculated. The market value of the household services is determined by the minimum wage in Mexico. Third, the total value of plaintiff’s lost household services is calculated by multiplying the number of lost household services hours by the market value of that service. The market value of household services is projected to grow at the historical growth rate of the Mexican minimum wage The economic value of the plaintiff’s lost earnings and household services is calculated by discounting the future losses to present value. Future losses are discounted downwardly by an interest rate to obtain the present value of plaintiff’s lost earnings capacity and household services.