This case involves inspectors who work for a pipeline survey company. The plaintiffs alleged that the defendant failed to pay overtime. Dr. Steward was retained by the defendant to provide analysis of the allegations of no overtime pay. Dr. Steward performed two main analyses in this report. First, he performed an analysis of the compensation received and the time sheet entries by the plaintiffs in this lawsuit. Payroll and time records indicate that the plaintiffs were compensated weekly based on their scheduled six or seven day work week. The records indicate that the plaintiffs did not always record their hours and tended to report fewer hours in their daily log reports than they recorded in their time sheets. Second, if it were determined that the plaintiffs were not exempt highly compensated employees, administrative employee or managerial employees, and entitled to unpaid overtime, Dr. Steward performed an analysis of the potential amount that would be owed as overtime. The maximum amount of overtime is based on the data provided by the plaintiffs in their time sheets and a three year statute of limitations period. In the analysis, Dr. Steward also calculates overtime estimates based on the combined time sheet and daily log records.