Efficient Conversion of Hardcopy Paper Time Records and Employee Files

Five easy to follow steps to understand how economic and statistical experts convert hardcopy paper time records and employee files into data that is ready to be used in the relevant analyses.


Tip: If you have paralegals with an hour or two to spare, if they help conduct data checks, this may speed up the process and lower costs.

  1. In our process, we first convert the pdf information into electronic, raw and unformatted data.

  2. Next we write computer programming code to extract the individual pieces of raw and unformatted data from the converted electronic information file.

  3. The computer program we write assists us in placing the raw and unformatted data into different columns of a spreadsheet.

  4. Once the data is extracted, we perform manual checks of the spreadsheet data to ensure that the converted data matches the spreadsheet.

  5. Once sufficiently checked, the verified data is ready to be used in the analysis.

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