Everyone knows that people do more than work for pay.  In an injury or death case, it is common for plaintiffs to assert that they have been economically harmed because the  injured or deceased person can no longer provide household services.  Household services include activities such as mowing the lawn, taking care of the household, etc.

Below are some rough tabulations for the number of households services (in hours) performed for males and females residing in Mexico. The data is obtained from the Mexican Time Use Survey.  Generally females spend substantially more time on household production activities.

For males:

inside_hwork 1.27
foodprep 2.95
petandhome 1.58
hhmanagement 1.08
shopping 1.18
obtain_services 0.05
travel_hhactivity 0.05

For females:


inside_hwork 12.91
foodprep 14.68
petandhome 1.55
hhmanagement 1.2
shopping 2.12
obtain_services 0.09
travel_hhactivity 0.17