Our Work

EmployStats performs economic research on wage and hour, economic damages, and employment issues. Since 1997, we have performed economic and statistical research on a range of topics in these areas. (Click here to see some representative EmployStats cases)

In wage and hour cases, we analyze FLSA and wage and hour violation claims. EmployStats economists analyze allegations including time clock rounding, FLSA violations, misclassification, off-the-clock work, and missed meal periods for both plaintiffs and defendants.

In cases involving injury or business torts, we analyze economic damages involving allegations of lost individual earnings and businesses profits. EmployStats economists analyze economic damages in cases including personal injury, wrongful death, and breach of contract.

In employment cases, we analyze allegations involving lost pay, breach of employment contract, and disparate impact. Our lost pay and statistical analyses are typically a significant factor in the employment cases we work on for our clients. We work with our clients in class actions, multiple plaintiff, and single plaintiff employment lawsuits.

We have provided research and testimony in hundreds of cases. Our unique expertise makes us adept at handling complex economic scenarios.

We work with attorneys, employers, and government agencies across the United States. Our clients are professionals who are leaders in their areas of practice. (Click here to see some representative EmployStats clients)

Our economic and statistical analyses are important to our client’s case and ultimately to the clients that they represent. Our clients are engaged and dedicate a significant amount of resources in the analyses that we perform.

Our clients represent employers, employees, and business interest nationwide. We work with clients in over 15 states including Texas, California, New York, Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey, Georgia, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Washington D.C.